About US

NUVAsuite is a mission-driven company that exists to make the lives of chiropractors easier. We are passionate about making practice management less invasive, less expensive, and more valuable for every chiropractor.

Our Story

We are obsessed with giving back to the profession that has given so much to us and we want to empower you, the chiropractor of tomorrow, in your quest for a better life for your patients.

At NUVAsuite didn’t set out to just build another EHR. Therefore, we used our years of business, finance, operations, and development experience and built a reimagined practice management solution from the ground up with you in mind.

NUVAsuite strives to provide you with an-all-inclusive and fully integrated Practice Management Solution of tomorrow, today. A solution that offers everything your office needs to run smoothly and efficiently at one affordable price with no hidden fees or long-term contracts.

In today’s busy world we knew the days of being tied to a desk are long over. So, we needed to design a solution that would be truly cloud based, with no local software, servers, or hardware. Our solution needed to be 100% cloud based while being mobile responsive so you can practice from anywhere on any device. From the long list of must haves came NUVAsuite. A truly reimaged practice management software for the chiropractor of tomorrow.

But our passion doesn’t stop at our software. No, we are just as passionately committed to your success. So much so, that we want you to think of us as an extension of your team. Using our passion and experience to provide solutions that everyone is insanely proud of. Because we know that with NUVAsuite on your team Together. Everyone. Achieves. More.

Our Philosophy

We hold innovation at the forefront and work to incorporate it into every aspect of our operations.

It is a strongly held belief that by harnessing the latest technologies our company can be a catalyst for change in our community.  By leveraging these innovations, our clients can achieve greater balance in their lives and focus on delivering their purpose.

Our whole team is dedicated to nurturing positive and engaging relationships for our clients and employees because we believe that together we will create a future where everyone achieves more.

The Path to the Future…

Starts Here

Our Vision

What we see Is a chiropractic community that is equipped with innovative and unified technologies. Designed to bridge the gap between between practice management and business management making them more successful and profitable.

Our Mission

NUVAsuite set out to create an innovative, automated, and unified practice management system that fully integrates the aspects of business management, practice management, and patient medical records so that today’s chiropractors can grow their practice and achieve their full potential.

It’s all in the mindset…

Our Positive Attitude

NUVAsuite encourages a cheerful, imaginative, and welcoming attitude. Therefore, we can demonstrate a can-do attitude that shows our customers the greatness that is possible.

It is with the simple belief that with imagination and creativity anything is possible that we are able to dream big and reach for the stars. However, we remain rooted in reality so that we don’t over promise.

By dreaming big and remaining positive we are able to deliver solutions that make people and businesses more productive and less stressed.

Our Realistic Outlook

At NUVAsuite we know that we can’t solve every problem or be everything to everyone. So, we try to make a difference whenever and wherever possible while offering helpful tips and tricks along the way.

Creating a meaningful solution requires clear and concise messaging.  That’s why we avoid industry jargon and use plain language. additionally, we avoid the use of complex icons and confusing references.  In the end we have a solution that is mindful of our user’s needs and time.

Above all we make one-boarding as easy as we can and provide help all along the way, ensuring that our customers are as successful as they can be.

The NUVAsuite Difference

It really is a team effort!

Our Customers

We can’t do what we do with out the feedback and support of our customers. Your input helps inform and guide our developers to create meaningful soultions that benefit you everyday.

Our Expert Advisers

We cherish the support and advice provided by our dedicated professional advisers such as practicing Chiropractors, Practice Coaches, Clinical Staff, Office Managers, and Business Executives.

Our Training & Support

We know that if you are successful we are successful which is why we strive to provide the best support and training possible. With unlimited online and phone support we are always here to help.

Get started today.

No risk guarantee. There is no obligation or commitment and If your not completely satisfied we will completely refund you!  Come learn more about us and see the NUVAsuite difference for yourself!
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