See the NUVAsuite Difference

We re-imagined Practice Management software so that you can have a solution that truly allows you to manage the business of your practice. We know that when you have the right tools that provide the support you need; you can reach your goals.

See the NUVAsuite difference

We re-imagined Practice Management software so that you can have a solution that truly allows you to manage the business of your practice. We know that when you have the right tools that provide the support you need; you can reach your goals.

Success Path Analyzer

Gain insight into your practice’s performance with visual on-demand reporting. With quick and easy to interpret charts and graphs you will have key business statistics right at your finger tips so you can always be in control of your practice.

Quick Documentation

SOAP notes are the foundation of your office but can be cumbersome to complete.  Using our innovative one-page adjusting template, NUVAnote, you can see the patient’s full findings and treatment history at a glance.  Just update it with today’s visit and the system creates the SOAP note.

Increased Care Plan Adherence

Knowing a patient’s adherence to care is important to effectively manage a Care Plan.  Too often you don’t realize where a patient is in their care until it’s too late.  Schedule and track of all your Care Plans easily using our tools that monitor a patient’s progress, alert you when they are off care, and provide you with key dates.

Visual Workflow

Effectively managing your patients is a critical component to having an efficient office.  The front desk uses icons to display critical information about your patients so that you can easily collect open balances, schedule make up appointments, read patient notices and more.  Never forget a patient in a treatment room again with our built in timer.

Hassle Free Collections

Using NUVAsuite’s industry leading billing automations will give you confidence in your practice’s finances. With automated payment sync and complete clearinghouse integration, you know your patient balances are always correct and up to date. Start increasing your collections while reducing time spent on manual claims processing tasks and payment posting.  Gain full transparency into your complete revenue cycle.

​Take a Holistic Approach to Practice Management

Manage the business of your practice using the only Practice Management solution optimized to meet your patient care and business needs


Just like you need to know the history of the patient to provide care, you need to know your historical business performance to make adjustments for the future.  This is why our software was designed with reporting in mind.  Knowing what worked and what didn’t in the past is the only way to make decisions on what to do for the future.

Patient Checkout

The Checkout allows staff to efficiently complete an appointment.  They can collect money for services, product sales, and open balances all from one page and in one payment.  Processing a single credit card payment reduces the risk of declined payments and increases monetary controls in your practice.

100% Cloud Based

A FULLY cloud based solution allows you to access your data from anywhere, at any time, on any device.  No hardware to install or servers to maintain.  You just need an internet browser.  In addtion, NUVAsuite was built with a mobile first mindset making it easy to achieve daily tasks on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device!

Practice Management

In order to manage the business of a practice, you need a comprehensive solution that works for all aspects of your practice.  Having all the information in one location allows you to gain insights into your performance like never before.  Follow a patient journey from start to finish and see the impacts across different segments of your business.  One cohesive system increases efficiencies and eliminates the need for double work.

Text Reminders

Reduce no-shows and staff time by automating the patient reminder process. With fully intergrated text message reminders you never have to worry again about keeping your patients notified of upcoming appointments and your staff can focus on what really matters, your patients.

Advanced Scheduling

Make your schedule work for you. With our advanced scheduler you can quickly find the next available time with a single click, no more scrolling through hundreds of appointments.  The rule based scheduler helps your staff conform to practice standards while allowing for the flexibility to handle exceptions. Easily associate appointments to a Care Plan or Patient Cases right from your scheduler.

Patient Cases

By grouping together appointments in a patient case, you will be able to gain insight into care provided.  Understand the true value of a new patient and their impact on your practice.  Patient Cases give you all the reporting and management tools you need to efficiently handle a variety of different types of patient care.


Electronic Patient Intake Forms

Increasing efficiency is a great way to help reach your goals.  As businesses grow they rely more and more on efficient systems.  Electronic Patient Intake Forms eliminate the need for manual management and entry of new patient paperwork.  Freeing up time for your staff and reducing errors in patient health records.

Lead Tracking

Generating new patients is an important part of a growing office.  But how do you know which of your lead generation activities is most successful?  NUVAsuite allows you to identify a lead source for your patients so that you can easily track your marketing efforts and know which ones are most effective at generating patients.

Continuous R&D

Just as the future of health is rapidly changing so is technology.  We believe in continuous investment in research and development and in implementing the latest advancements in healthcare technology, business, and practice management.  We regularly release enhancements to ensure that you always have the latest technology at your fingertips.


Why choose between having a successful and efficient practice or affordability. NUVAsuite believes that you should have access to both the tools you need to achieve success at an all inclusive affordable price.  Your monthly membership includes On-boarding, one-one Training, Technical Support, and all of NUVAsuite’s features at one monthly affordable price.



100% cloud based technology means that you never have to worry about doing secure backups of your data from your local device again.  NUVAsuite is located on a fully HIPAA compliant server with Microsoft Azure.  NEVER worry about losing your data again!

Our Integration Partners

Fortis Fully Integrates with NUVAsuite EHR

Don't let a busy today take away from a purposeful tomorrow

Don't let a busy today take away from a purposeful tomorrow

Money Back Guarantee

We believe that you should make the final call on product performance. That’s why we offer our exclusive 100% Money Back Guarantee the only one in the industry!

If, for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied with NUVAsuite in your first 30 days return it—no questions asked! Receive a full refund of your membership fee.

We promise that the performance will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced. But the best testimony will be your own.

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