The Five S’s to Success

Here at NUVAsuite, we believe that the key to a successful practice is focusing on the Five S’s; Service, Staff, Systems, Statistics, and Security.  Ensuring that each one of these principles are aligned in your practice will create the foundation you need to reach your goals.


Providing a high-quality service that is needed and wanted in the market is the first key to success.  But providing a high-quality service is not an easy task. It is something that requires a lot of dedication, focus, and limitation of unproductive tasks.

This is why it is important to find a software that can reduce the repetitive tasks and has all the tools you need to efficiently run your practice.  Being able to easily and efficiently enter SOAP notes, generate claims, collect on open balances, and report on your business performance, using one seamless solution without reliance on 3rdparty plugins, allows you to focus on your skills as a chiropractor.

We know that the service doesn’t stop at the service you provide to your patients, you need a software that provides superior customer service to you as well. You can use our self-service support portal to find your own answers or quickly open and manage a ticket with our customer service team.


To manage a practice, you need an efficient and productive staff behind you.  Your staff needs to be engaged and motivated to complete their daily tasks and responsibilities.  This can be hard to do when you are focused on providing the best service to your patients.  Rely on a software that not only gives you the tools you need to manage your staff, but also the tools they need to better perform their tasks. Eliminate the need to double key data, hunt for patients off care, and manually manage many office tasks.  Get key insights into how your staff is performing and be able to ensure optimal efficiency and productivity.


Successful businesses rely on comprehensive and supportive systems to ensure that all the key tasks are completed.  Imagine for a minute, there were no systems in your business and a patient walks in the door.  How would the staff or the doctor know what to do?

The foundation is built with systems and procedures which guide you through what to do in all situations.  In order to be efficient, the systems must be built to work together.  If a patient walks in the door and the system is for the staff to check the patient in, the doctor should not also be checking in the patient, right?  Otherwise, that would be double work.

Creating systems that work together to manage all aspects of your business is the key to having a successful, efficient, and productive business.  A business that you can grow.


Decision making in business happens at lightning fast speeds and can have lasting impacts on the future. To make not only timely but beneficial decisions, you need quick and easy access to all your business’s most important statistics.  Using today’s technology almost everything in business is measurable.  Statistics can objectively show what worked and what didn’t, what areas you can improve upon, and if you are meeting your income and practice goals.  Make sure you know the stats of your past performance so that you can make the best decisions for your future.


Security is a paramount concern for any 21st-century business owner; security of records, security of money, and security of the future of health.

Knowing that your records and money are secure, means that you do not have to spend time worrying about your records or money being compromised or your data being lost.  We are here to provide top-notch security, data management, and controls so that you can focus on what matters.

We believe now is the time for chiropractic to shine.  The majority of the health records being collected and used to shape the future of healthcare are being collected from sick people.  We are creating a sick system.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Together we can provide the data needed to show what health is and make an impact on the future of our health.  We can turn it from a sick system to truly a HEALTHcare system.