New Practice Program

At NUVAsuite, we understand the great amount of time and money that goes into starting your own practice.

This is why we created a program just for new practice owners to help you transition from being an associate to having a practice of your own.

If you have opened a new practice in the last 12 months find out how you can SAVE on a NUVAsuite Membership.


Our entrepreneur Program offers the Full NUVAsuite experience for 12 consecutive months at the reduced rate of $149.00 per month. 

Qualifying Participants

If you have opened a practice in the past twelve months you qualify for the NUVAsuite Entrepreneur Program.


Provide us with articles of incorporation or a public press release about your Grand Opening in the past 12 months to qualify.

On-Going Membership

Once your 12-month entrepreneur Program has ended your account will be automatically enrolled in our Enterprise Membership. 

Ready To Get Started?