Chiropractic Practice Management Software Built for the Modern Doctor

Do you feel like your current Chiropractic Practice Management Software is holding you back? Are you tired of outdated features and frustrating interfaces? NUVAsuite was designed with you in mind. We’ve reimagined the entire experience to help you manage your practice more efficiently and achieve your goals. With our powerful tools and supportive interface, you’ll be able to work smarter, not harder. So why wait? Try NUVAsuite today!


Streamline Your Chiropractic Practice Management with NUVAsuite

Welcome to the future of chiropractic practice management. NUVAsuite is your comprehensive, all-in-one solution, meticulously designed to automate and integrate scheduling, billing, patient management, and more into one intuitive platform. With NUVAsuite, you gain real-time insights that empower you to make data-driven decisions, enhance patient engagement, and streamline your daily operations. Experience unparalleled efficiency and watch your practice thrive as NUVAsuite turns complexity into simplicity. Unlock the potential of your chiropractic practice today with NUVAsuite—where innovation meets care.


Discover how NUVAsuite can elevate your practice management


Comprehensive Insights Dashboard

Do you feel like you’re always playing catch-up when it comes to your practice’s performance? Struggle to make sense of all the data? NUVAsuite has the solution. With our Success Path Analyzer, you’ll get instant visual reports on key business statistics – so you can always be in control of your practice. Gain precious insight into where your business is succeeding and where it could use improvement. Make better decisions, faster – with NUVAsuite.


Streamlined Documentation at Your Fingertips

NUVAsuite introduces a groundbreaking approach to creating SOAP notes with its NUVAnote feature. This innovative tool revolutionizes the documentation process by condensing what traditionally took several pages into a single, comprehensive view. With NUVAnote, you can effortlessly access a patient’s complete history and detailed treatment plans in one intuitive dashboard. This streamlined process not only simplifies note-taking but also enhances the accuracy and efficiency of updates with each patient visit. By minimizing the time spent on paperwork, NUVAsuite enables you to dedicate more attention to delivering exceptional patient care, ensuring that every interaction is focused, effective, and informed.


Automated Billing with NUVAsuite

Experience the ease of organized finances every month with NUVAsuite. Our advanced billing automation ensures you never face the stress of inaccurate patient balances or outdated claim information. With seamless clearinghouse integration, NUVAsuite transforms your billing process, allowing you to focus more on patient care and less on administrative burdens. Say goodbye to billing headaches and welcome a more efficient, worry-free financial management system. Embrace the clarity and convenience of NUVAsuite—start simplifying your practice’s finances today!


Enhanced Patient Flow with Simplified Front Desk Management

Elevate your practice’s front desk efficiency with NUVAsuite! Our platform is meticulously designed to enhance office management and patient flow. With user-friendly icons at your fingertips, managing open balances, scheduling makeup appointments, and accessing patient notices becomes a breeze. NUVAsuite’s intuitive interface streamlines daily front desk tasks, ensuring quick, accurate handling of essential operations. The built-in timer feature keeps your team punctual and prevents any patient from being overlooked, optimizing every interaction at your practice. Choose NUVAsuite to transform your front desk into a hub of productivity and exceptional patient service.


Efficient Checkout Process with NUVAsuite

NUVAsuite’s checkout screen is meticulously designed to group essential features together, streamlining the process and significantly enhancing efficiency during patient checkout. This thoughtfully organized interface allows your staff to handle payments, schedule follow-up appointments, and update patient records quickly and accurately—all from one centralized location. With critical actions grouped logically, your team can ensure a smooth and rapid checkout experience. This minimizes wait times and boosts patient satisfaction by making checkout as hassle-free as their arrival. Embrace NUVAsuite’s checkout screen to keep your office running smoothly and your patients happy.


Fully Integrated Care Plan Management Tools

NUVAsuite’s care plan management feature revolutionizes how chiropractic practices organize and execute patient care. By centralizing the creation and management of care plans, our system ensures that each aspect of patient care is meticulously organized and effortlessly accessible. This powerful tool enhances clinical efficiency by seamlessly integrating treatment schedules, patient progress notes, and other essential care components in one unified platform. Additionally, NUVAsuite automates the payment process; payments are directly linked to care plans and automatically applied, eliminating the need for manual payment handling. This not only saves valuable administrative time but also reduces errors, ensuring financial accuracy. With NUVAsuite, you can focus more on patient care and less on the complexities of payment management, making your practice more efficient and your patient experience smoother.


Transform Your Practice with Simple Patient Self-Service Tools

Explore the efficiency of NUVAsuite’s cutting-edge technology designed to alleviate the workload at your front desk, enabling your team to concentrate on more critical aspects of patient care. With our seamless Patient Kiosk, patients can conveniently check themselves in, dramatically reducing wait times and administrative tasks. Our user-friendly Online Scheduling system allows patients to book their own appointments, cutting down on phone calls and managing scheduling conflicts with ease. Additionally, our automated Text Message Reminders ensure patients are timely and consistently informed, decreasing no-shows and allowing your staff to focus on delivering exceptional service. Upgrade to NUVAsuite, where technology enhances efficiency, transforming your practice’s operations and elevating patient satisfaction.


Optimize Scheduling with NUVAsuite’s Advanced Features

NUVAsuite takes scheduling efficiency to the next level with its smart “Find Available Times” feature, tailored for practices looking to optimize their appointment scheduling processes. This innovative tool quickly scans your practice’s calendar, instantly identifying and suggesting the next available slots. This not only speeds up the scheduling process but also helps in maximizing the use of your practice’s resources and reducing waiting times for patients. With NUVAsuite’s scheduler, you can manage your practice’s appointments more effectively, ensuring that both staff and patients experience a smoother, more coordinated flow throughout the day. Embrace the simplicity and efficiency of advanced scheduling with NUVAsuite and transform how your practice operates on a daily basis.


Comprehensive Patient Insights to Help Grow Your Practice

NUVAsuite’s patient record does more than manage patient care; it offers a comprehensive 360-degree view of your patients, encapsulating everything vital for enhanced treatment and engagement. This robust system not only stores medical histories and treatment plans but also integrates appointment histories, billing details, lead source tracking, and personalized patient interactions into one seamless narrative. With NUVAsuite, every piece of data contributes to a holistic understanding of each patient’s journey through your practice, enabling you to deliver not just personalized medical care but also tailored communication and service. 

NUVAsuite: A Comprehensive Practice Management Software

Seamlessly Manage Your Practice with Our Modern Chiropractic Practice Management Software

Optimize your chiropractic practice with our all-encompassing Practice Management software, designed specifically to meet both your patient care and business requirements. This robust solution integrates critical operational aspects of your practice, ensuring that you can focus on delivering exceptional care while efficiently handling business operations.



technology means that you never have to worry about backing up your local data or keeping servers in sync again! NUVAsuite is 100% web based and is Hosted with Microsoft Azure and is fully HIPAA compliant. You can trust your data to be safe and accessible. Never worry about losing your information again!

100% Cloud Based

Are you tired of being tethered to your desk? NUVAsuite was built with a mobile first mindset making it easy to achieve daily tasks on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device! With our 100% cloud based solution you can access your data from anywhere, at any time. No hardware and software to install or servers to maintain…you just need an internet browser!


NUVAsuite is the affordable solution for busy professionals who want to get ahead. With On-boarding, one-one Training, Technical Support, and all of NUVAsuite’s features included in your monthly membership, you can focus on what’s important – your success. Achieve more with NUVAsuite.


Making decisions for the future of your business requires accurate knowledge of the past. Reporting software provides you with that information, so you can make sound adjustments and propel your company forward. With our reporting tool, you can easily gather historical data and understand what strategies work best for your business.


Electronic Patient Intake Forms

Streamline your patient intake process and make your office run smoother with Electronic Patient Intake Forms. These forms are easy to use and can be filled out online, making it simple for new patients to get started quickly. Plus, you’ll reduce the risk of errors in patient health records, freeing up time for your staff.

Lead Tracking

You work hard to generate new patients. But without tracking where they come from, you’ll never know which marketing efforts are most successful. NUVAsuite’s lead tracking feature makes it easy to see which of your activities are generating the most leads, so you can focus your time and energy where it really counts. With this powerful tool in your arsenal, you’ll be able to grow your practice more effectively than ever before.



Text Reminders

Reduce no-shows and staff time by automating your patient reminder process with Text Reminders. With fully integrated text message reminders, and appointment confirmations you can focus on what really matters – providing great care for your patients.

Patient Checkout

Looking to streamline your check-out process and reduce declined payments? Patient Checkout is here to help! With one simple page for collecting payments, this product gives you more control and efficiency in your practice. Plus, processing credit card payments through Patient Checkout reduces the risk of declines. Give your patients a smoother check-out experience with this helpful product!

Advanced Scheduling

Are you tired of scrolling through hundreds of appointments to find the next available time slot? With our advanced scheduler, you can quickly and easily find the next available time with a single click. The rule-based scheduler helps your staff conform to practice standards while allowing for the flexibility to handle exceptions. Plus, associate appointments with Care Plans or Patient Cases right from your scheduler! This is an essential tool for any office that wants to streamline their scheduling process and improve patient care.

Continuous R&D

Looking for a PM Provider that is always on the cutting edge? Look no further than NUVAsuite. We believe in investing in research and development to bring you the latest and greatest advances in business, and practice management. With our regular releases of enhancements, you can be sure that you’re always using the most up-to-date software. So why wait? Get ahead of the curve with NUVAsuite!


Practice Management

If you’re looking for a complete solution to managing your practice, look no further than NUVAsuite. This powerful system gives you insights into every aspect of your business, from start to finish. You can see how different segments of your practice are performing and make adjustments accordingly. Having all the information in one place makes things more efficient and eliminates the need for duplicate work. With Practice Management, you’ll be able to take control of your practice like never before!

Patient Cases

If you’re looking for a way to get insights into patient care, Treatment Cases is the perfect solution. With this tool, you can group together appointments and get a clear picture of what’s going on. This is an essential tool for any practice that wants to be more efficient and effective.

Start Your Journey to Practice Excellence with NUVAsuite

Don’t wait to revolutionize your chiropractic practice management. Our cutting-edge software provides everything you need to streamline workflows, enhance patient care, and manage your business efficiently. With NUVAsuite, you’re not just adopting new software; you’re embracing a new way of managing your practice that leads to growth, improved patient satisfaction, and operational excellence.

Join NUVAsuite today and experience the profound impact it will have on your practice’s success. Unlock the potential of your practice management and never look back!

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Looking for a product that will change your life for the better? Look no further than NUVAsuite. We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on all of our products, so you can try them out with absolutely no risk. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase in the first 30 days, simply return it and receive a full refund.

NUVAsuite is unlike any other product on the market. It’s been designed to provide you with incredible performance and satisfaction. So why not try it today and see for yourself? You have nothing to lose!

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Ready To Get Started?